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JAVIMINIONS - Now With MORE Cowbell!

Win An Emmy and Point At Things!

J.A.V.I Minions
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Welcome to Javiminions! You can participate in this community in several ways. You can watch it. You can join it. Or you can become a minion.

To be a minion you must do more than just join the community. you must go here and recieve a number.

What comes with becoming a minion? Well, for one you get a cool official number! It doesn't come with much else . . . yet. But we're still growing, and will probably have some benefits later on. But having your own number should be enough!

Also, if you read this community from your friends list or from the http://www.livejournal.com/community/javiminions/ page, that's fine, but it is meant to be read from http://www.javiminions.com.

That doesn't mean you HAVE to read it there. But if Javi, or I come on and mention the "links to the left," you'll have to go to http://www.javiminions.com for that to make any kind of sense at all.

So welcome to the community and welcome to being a minion!


Andy "SpeakerWiggin" Floyd