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comic-con 2007! [Jul. 15th, 2007|04:42 pm]
J.A.V.I Minions


[mood |amusedamused]
[music |joy division - "transmission"]

folks, it's that time again...

...for the event that so many of us live for...

...nerdprom, geekdamerrüng, or...as so many call it...just plain "san diego."

and with the coming of comic-con, there are also questions...so many questions...

will i be there? you bet - hanging out at the viper comics booth like richie cunningham at arnold's!

will i be there with lesmcclaine? absolutely!

will we be signing copies of "the middleman, volume three?" well... due to a few factors beyond our control, volume three is going to take a few extra weeks getting to the printers (what can i tell you, cramming so much goodness into one 88 page book is hard work!) but we will have a special - exclusive, even - comic-con preview mini-comic, and, of course, plenty of copies of volumes one and two for those of you who are new to middlemania.

but let's not kid ourselves...what you're really thinking is "listen, fatboy, we all tolerate your little comic book and all, but what we really want here are smokin' pictures of internet fashionista and cosplayer extraordinaire illiara dressed up as the middleman's heroine wendy watson, can you hook us up with that or what?"

and since i live to please....

click for a larger picture!

for more pictures (taken by the spectacular samuel primero) click here!